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20.04.2020EEAttachments is now able to connect to Gmail, MS-Graph and IMAP.

01.11.2018: There is a new Excel Add-In which can create text or AutoCAD files from templates.

02.02.2018: Export of eml files by EEAttachments.

16.11.2017: The new Chat Bot is now able to answer questions about Somebytes products. (Support)

09.11.2017WhatsWrong game is now playable without login in your browser.

27.06.2017: With ExMixedFolders Version 1.35 you can now import contacts, appointments, tasks or mails from Excel and csv files, which gives you a new way of getting your own databases into Exchange folders.

01.03.2017: EEAttachments can run now PowerShell scripts with its version 1.20

21.02.2017: Two new articles which shows you how to organize your eMails or attachments into a folderstructure. See EEAttachments-FAQ.

14.02.2017: Microsoft has migrated all the accounts into Office 365 like ones. Now you can use ExMixedFolders or EEAttachments together with these accounts as well.