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Use share with EEAttachments

print PDF from exchange

  • How to print PDF from command line in order to print any invoice from your mailbox. more

Using EEattachments with Impersonation

  • Password policy and the use of EEAttachements, How to use Impersonation more

How to print the mailbody

  • Learn how to export the eMail BodyText as HTML and use it to print it to your default printer. more

How to use PowerShell to process your items (examples)

  • Here you can learn how you can run PowerShell scripts directly from EEAttachments and process the attachments by using managed EWS more

Folder structure by from address

  • Here you will learn, how to create a folder structure by EEAttachments with the from address as the subfolder name. more

How can i structurize the exported files?

  • Here I will show you, how to process your Exchange attachments or mails in order to bring it into a form like [/address/subject/file] by using PowerShell. more

Mails and attachments an a folderstructure as [Date/From-Address].

  • In this guide you will learn how to use EEAttachments and PowerShell to automatically store mails and their attachments in a directory structure based on the date / from address pattern. The directory structure is generated by the PowerShell script. more

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