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Export Microsoft Graph attachments

EEAttachments can export your or Office 365 mails with attachments in order to process it within your own workflow.

E-Mailanhänge aus Exchange weiterverarbeiten


EEattachments will export your mailfields and attachments automatically into your filesystem. After that it can start batch files which helps you to get it into the workflow you like.


Export Microsoft Graph messages and attachments.


Extract and save Microsoft Graph attachments to your local folder and process it!

EEAttachments can export your messages and attachments automatically from Microsoft Graph ( or Office 365), into your file-system. It can export your e-mail content as eml as well as any other message field in order to process it's content within your workflow.

EEAttachments is a system service for the Office 365 as well as, which can monitor your message folder for changes and trigger processing as soon as a change takes place.

The scope of application lies in the processing of incoming mails from which information such as subject, body text, attachment or other information should be processed via eml file in external systems.

For example, you can use the program to print emails on arrival in the mailbox, while the program or script to be executed parameters are given, which correspond to the content of fields of the processed e-mail. When you run a PowerShell script, the entire MailItem will also be created as a variable. From this you can read in your script any information of the message.

Download EEAttachments and test it with 6 mailboxes!


EEAttachments can assist you in following scenarios:

Minimum system requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008 or higher.


The software enables you to set up several Microsoft Graph connections. Thus, the service can access different Microsoft Graph tenants.

Set up export jobs as many as you need to configure the export of your folders in your desired mailbox(es).

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