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Organize your mails or attachments!

organize Exchange attachments or mail export

In this tutorial shows you how you can organize your attachments or mailcontent in a folder structure.

I am using a PowerShell script to bring the EEAttachments export in a form like [/from-address/subject/file]

In my case i run the PowerShell from EEAttachments with this command "C:\Windows\System32\WINDOWSPOWERSHELL\v1.0\powershell.exe" .

The arguments are:

-executionpolicy bypass -file c:\temp\process.ps1 %from% %file% %subject%

The mainpart here is the script process.ps1 and the parameters for it. %from% as the from-mailaddress, %file% path to the exported file, %subject% as mail-subject. The mail-address and subject should later be the directoryname.

EEAttachments configuration with a PowerShell script in order to organize exportfiles

After the export of the file, we want to have a folder structure like:


The scriptfile (process.ps1) conains the following: 

$subject = $args[2] -replace '[:*#?\{\}\/\\|]','' 

$outdir = "C:\temp\EEAttachments\"+$args[0]+"\"+$subject+"\" 

if(!(Test-Path $outdir)) 


 md -Path $outdir  


Move-Item -Path $args[1] -Destination $outdir

What is the script doing?:

Line 1: Remove bad characters from the subject

Line 2: Create a foldername and save it to $outdir.

Line 3-6: If the folder doesn't exist, create the sub-folder.

Line 7: Move exported file into the sub-folder from line 3-6.