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Use cases and user scenarios for EEAttachments

On this page I collect customer problems for you that could be solved by using EEAttachments.

Email bot or dynamic autoresponder

One day there was a requirement to send production data and reports of a plant by e-mail on request. So it should be stated in the subject which measuring point is needed and the result should be sent to the enquirer as a small report or simply as a value.

The system could be implemented via EEAttachments. The programme listens at a mailbox set up for this purpose and forwards the subject and the mail address of the enquirer to the customer's script. The Powershell script recognises the corresponding measuring point in the subject and retrieves this data from the control system. The Powershell script then sends the mail to the enquirer automatically via send-mailmessage or EWS. In order to speed up the response time, EEAttachments was changed to "StreamingNotification" (see \EEAttachments\EEAttachments.exe.conf).

Automating Invoice Management with EEAttachments

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Jedermann Ragba, CIO at We-Do-It Inc. We receive a large number of invoices by email on a daily basis, which need to be manually checked and transferred to our financial accounting system. This is a time-consuming process that also leaves room for manual errors. I have heard of EEAttachments and am interested in automating our invoice management. Can you please provide me with more information on the functionality and capabilities of EEAttachments? I have attached a description of the use case I have in mind. Would it be possible for you to arrange a demonstration of EEAttachments for us? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Best regards, Jedermann Ragba

After a joint review of EEAttachments and the provided PowerShell scripts, we found that a combination of the 'unzip.ps1' script and 'EWS_PROJECTNAME_DATATIMERECEIVED_FROMADDRESS.ps1' is sufficient to meet our needs. Using a regex filter, we can recognize invoices from incoming emails and automatically save them to the file system. The use of the task name, date, and "From" address in the folder name significantly simplifies the assignment of individual emails for our customer. Additionally, we use the unzip script to automatically extract and save packed invoices in the folder.

Automatically save invoices for "DATEV Unternehmen online".

Last year, a customer had the idea of automatically preparing his invoices for the DATEV import so that he can drag and drop them into his DUo. Optionally, he wants to use the programme Belegransfer offered by DATEV in the future, which automatically imports the invoices as soon as they land in the directory.

There are already some prepared scripts to structure the mails according to From address, including this possibility. This creates a directory for each e-mail address: 


  1. C:\Rechnungen\\Rechnung 1
  2. C:\Rechnungen\\Rechnung 2
  3. C:\Rechnungen\\Rechnung 1

In the variant currently implemented at the customer's, the invoices are searched for manually in the directory and dragged into the DUo Explorer window, where they can then be assigned. The next step would be to use the above-mentioned document transfer.

Update from 06.07.2020: DUo now also offers the option of sending invoices by e-mail. This means that the option shown here can now only be seen as an alternative. 

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