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Public folders synchronization with iPhone, iPad, Android and others?

How does ExMixedFolders get the content of the public folders to your mobile phone?

Your iPhone, iPad, Android, Phone or other Smartphone should be already prepared to sync Exchange content. (e.g. ActiveSync)

ExMixedFolders prepares your Exchange mailbox in that way that you can still use your usual way of synchronization with your telephone that probably can only synchronize the folders inside the mailbox, but no public folders.

Synchronize public folders with mobile

With ExMixedFolders you can sync your public folders with folders inside the mailbox of your mailbox or even for other users. After you have the folders there, you can easily sync it with your standard synchronization solution.

Public folder sync with iPhone, Android or even WP

The service is free if you want to sync only one mailbox, which includes the access to public folders as well.