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Generate syncjobs automatically

In order to do justice to the requirements of organizations with many users, there are ExMixedFolders-functions, which make it easy to create many jobs at once. You can choose Excel in order to create your jobs or you can use the template possibility, which requires Impersonation.

Option 1: Create syncjobs or connections by Excel

You can create serviceconnections or jobs by using Excel if you first create an example connection and job. If they work you can choose "Edit in Excel" from the Servicemenu. You will get a list with your configuration which you can copy and modify. After you save the changes, ExMixedFolders reads it in and show you your new connections and syncjobs.

Option 2: Create many jobs by the usage of a template.

If you use impersonation, you can create your jobs after you have entered one example, which you use as a template.

In the next step click on the edit-box of the job where you have the impersonated user and choose "create job by template". Now you can enter a list of users which should get the same job in their mailbox.

Option 3: Create synchronization tasks based on membership in an AD group.

It is an additional task, that automatically creates synchronization jobs and also deletes them as soon as a member is in an AD group or leaves it. The orders are created based on a template. This method is particularly suitable if the users to be synchronized change frequently and only works if you use impersonation.

Here you can read more about the program, which is started from ExMixedFolders.

Option 4: Create synchronizations or migrations via PowerShell.

ExMixedFolders comes with a PowerShell module, which you can use to create orders via PowerShell individually or from a CSV file. The orders are created based on a template that you can create yourself by editing an order configured in the GUI.

Here you can read more.