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How can I connect an iCalendar to Exchange?

With ExMixedFolders you can import calendars in iCal format cyclically. You will often find the iCalendar format on the Internet when it comes to sharing calendar data with others. Examples include Google calendars, Office 365 shared calendars, vacation calendars, garbage collection calendars, soccer fixtures, event calendars, iCloud (public calendar sharing) and many more.

You can import a calendar in ics format via ExMixedFolders by creating a new task "CSV/iCal/Excel" and specifying the iCalendar as the file name, this can be a local path or a web address. (http,webcal,https,webcals).

If your calendar is located on a CalDAV server, you can also use the CalDAV function of ExMixedFolders.


Create iCalendar from Exchange Calendar.

The reverse is also possible. If you reverse the arrow, which by default points to the right in the direction of Exchange, you can also use the task to create iCalendar and CSV files from Exchange data, which you can then make available for further processing, for example.