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Find software that interacts with Exchange or Outlook.

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Outlook AddIns

Exchange AddOn ExMixedFolders

Synchronize your Exchange folders with others. Synchronize your public folders with your mailbox in order to get it on the phone.

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E-Mailanhänge aus Exchange weiterverarbeiten


With EEAttachments you can export all your Exchange attachments to the filesystem and process it. Also save the content of the messages into variables.

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OLFolderSync FAQ

Frequently asked questions to OLFolderSync

How does the Outlook synchronisation with OLFolderSync works?

OLFolderSync is a Com-AddIn for Outlook that needs to be installed on the two computers that should be synchronised. For each change you make in your public folder it sends an E-Mail to your partner (s) with whom you want to synchronise. These E-Mails will be recognized on the partners’ side and will be entered in the respectively configured folder.

How does the configuration work in general?

  1. Chose the folder that should be synchronised in computer 1 and click it with the right mouse button, then chose „properties“.
  2. Tick the upper checkbox “Synchronise this folder“
  3. Enter the E-Mail address of your partners at computer 2.
  4. If all objects that are already in the folder should be adjusted, you have to tick the box “Basic Synchronisation”, too.
  5. Your partner at computer 2 has to do the same no
  6. Chose the folder (by the way, the name doesn’t matter, it must only be the same type) and tick the box “Synchronise this folder”.
  7. Enter your own E-Mail address as “receiver of synchronisation“.
  8. If desired, tick the box „Basic Synchronisation“
  9. Ready.

But you can also use the Wizard (min. Vista)

... and please also have a look at the following Video to get to know to OLFolderSync.

What happens during the application if the folders that should be synchronised are already containing entries?

The existing entries will be mixed up. Assuming that for example on computer 1 and computer 2 you have 3 appointments each, after synchronisation you will have 6 appointments in each folder if you haven’t defined a filter before.

How can I synchronise Outlook in only one direction?

Release the folder in the normal way with OLFolderSync but don’t enter something in “receiver of synchronisation” on the computer that should not be allowed to send appointments to the other partner.

Can an exchange account be synchronised with a PST account?


Can I also use OLFolderSync if I have different user profiles on my computer?

Yes, OLFolderSync saves its settings to the currently chosen profile. You even can synchronise the different profiles among each other (if they don’t receive the same E-Mails).

How can I found out who has created an entry originally?

OLFolderSync offers the possibility to add a category to each new element. If you chose the names of your partner here, you even can identify the users at appointments by their colour (from OL2007 onwards). Furthermore, in an adjusted Outlook form you have the opportunity to use the field “of”. (By the way, with OLFolderSync forms will be adjusted, too with “Basic Synchronisation”).

E-Mails from OLFolderSync are in the in-box but are not assimilated, what can I do then?

Probably, the folder in which the E-Mails are is not your standard in-box. Please, click the folder with the right mouse button and chose properties, then OLFolderSync. Now, select “alternative in-box” and then it should work.