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iCloud and public folders

How is it possible to synchronize public folders from Exchange with iCloud folders?

Until version 1.48, OLMixedFolders could only synchronize in the direction of the standard mailbox. Because iCloud is treated as a mailbox for OLMixedFolders, it was only possible to synchronize with folders of the standard mailbox.

As of version 1.49, it is possible for you to designate a destination mailbox for OLMixedFolders. That means that you can inform OLMixedFolders of which mailbox is to be used as a destination prior to initial usage.

In order to now synchronize iCloud folders with your public folders, proceed as follows:

  • Open the OLMixedFolders option dialogue via Extras=>Options=>OLMixedFolders) or, as of Outlook 2010, via File=>Options=>Add-in options=>OLMixedFolders.
  • Here you will find a selection box in which you choose iCloud as your destination mailbox. This means that all folders configured as of now will be synchronized in iCloud. The first calendar is used as the standard folder here.
  • Navigate now to the desired public folder from Exchange and click on it with the right mouse button. Select Settings => OLMixedFolders in the menu.
  • Configure now as previously described. (The destination is only found in iCloud)