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Frequently asked questions


OLMixedFolders Dialog

  • Where to find OLMixedFolders after the installation? more

Outlook default folder, what's that?

OLMixedFolders adds content from mobile to Outlook

OLMixedFolders - adding elements on mobile

OLMixedFolders and the PA in background

  • What happens if the PA enters an appointment to the public folder, but my Outlok is closed? more

OLMixedFolders an the global address list

  • How to sync global address lists with your mailbox in order to access it on your mobile? more

iPhone and OLMixedFolders

iCloud folders into my personal mailbox by OLMixedFolders

  • How to sync my iCloud folders into my personal mailbox? more

iCloud into my default folder by OLMixedFolders

  • How to sync my iCloud items with my Outlook default folder? more

iCloud reminders

  • What to do when the Outlook reminders of iCloud elements arrive doubled. more

iCloud and public folders

  • How is it possible to synchronize public folders from Exchange with iCloud folders? more

OLMixedFolders and the Windows Phone

  • Windows Phone can sync public folders with the help of OLMixedFolders. more

Merge many folders into one

  • How can I merge several calendar or contact folders into one folder? more

Android and subfolders in Outlook

  • How can I synchronize several Outlook calendars of the same account with Android? more

How to select the targetmailbox for OLMixedFolders

  • OLMixedFolders is using the default mailbox as it's target, but you can change this behavior if you like to. more

Which OLMixedFolders version should I use