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Import your csv or Excel files into Exchange

CSV, Excel Exchange

With the service ExMixedFolders, you can create import tasks, which can be useful for the cyclic import of your external data via csv or Excel.

If your data is available in an SQL server, you can of course also use the ODBC task.

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If you want to export contacts, appointments, tasks or notifications from a foreign system to Exchange, you can create a csv or Excel import task in ExMixedFolders. The input for the ExMixedFolders-import-task is an import file, which you can generate from the SQL database or your foreign system. The data is imported as soon as the import file changes. You can configure the task to delete items that are not present in the import file as well. However, the total stock must always be available in the Excel or CSV file to use this option.

It is also possible to control the modification, addition, and deletion of the Exchange data from the import file by creating a command field with which you can do this. If you omit the "CMD" field, each line is treated as an "UPDATE", so the Exchange element changes with every import.

Excel Importfile

The import data must be provided with an ID in order to recognize, delete and modify the imported items in Exchange.

Excel Importfile and the needed ID field

In the program directory of ExMixedFolders you will find some examples for Excel or CSV import files.

If you need further fields for your project, I can extend the list for you if it is technically possible.