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Public folder sync to Smartphone

  • How to sync my Smartphone with Exchange public folders more

Differences between the two synctools

  • Which sync tool should I use? OLMixedFolders for Outlook or ExMixedFolders for Exchange? more

Using ExMixedFolders with Impersonation

  • Password policy and the use of ExMixedFolders, How to use Impersonation more

Create configuration by template

How to sync a Shared Mailbox with User Mailboxes.

  • How to sync a Shared Mailbox with User Mailboxes in order to get it to your Phone. more

How to sync ressource mailboxes with each other

  • How to sync ressource mailboxes like room or equipment with each other? more

Experts configuration

  • If you have special needs with ExMixedFolders, you can try to find an answer here! more

How to sync only appointments older than a specific date.

  • Here I tell you how you can synchronize only future items. more accounts with ExMixedFolders

iCalendar sync to Exchange

Change message size limits for EWS

  • ErrorMessageSizeExceeded: Message size exceeds message size limit more

Throttling Policy for EWS

  • Change Exchange Throttling Policy for ExMixedFolders or EEAttachments more

401 Error after CU Update

  • (401) Unauthorized - error after CU update on Exchange. more

401 Unauthorized Error since October 2022

  • Solve the 401 Unauthorized Error by using modern Authentication. more

Admin consent

  • Learn how to allow your users to access Microsoft 365 from ExMixedFolders or EEAttachments. more
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