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ExMixedFolders licensing

Which or how many licenses should I buy?

1. One license per mailbox

One mailbox costs 99,-€. However there are volume discount prices, and also one mailbox is free. The free license is already inside the demo version and ready to use.Examples:

How many licenses do I need if I want to sync an amount of mailboxes?

  1. One or more folders in one mailbox should be synchronized with one or more public folders. (Impersonation is not in use) => no license is needed because one mailbox is free
  2. You want to sync calendars and contacts of 10 users with public folder contact or calendars. => You need 9 licences (one is free).
  3. One or more folders in one mailbox have to be synchronized with another mailbox on a second organisation. => You need one license ( the second one is free ).

Do you need licenses for more than 50 users, you need the 50 users licenses.

Do you need licenses for more than 100 users, you need the 100 users licenses.

2. Licensing by mailbox as a subscription

This type is very convenient of you need the service only for a short period of time e.G. if you like to use ExMixedFolders for migration of mailboxes between servers.

The prices are between 1,-€ and 3,-€ by month.

If you use this type you need to give ExMixedFolders the ability to connect to the SOMEBYTES license server which is in the web.

Volume discount prices:

1 - 9 mailboxes => 3,50€/month

10 - 19 mailboxes => 3,00€/month

20 - 29 mailboxes => 2,80€/month

30 - 39 mailboxes => 2,50€/month

40 - 49 mailboxes => 2,25€/month

50 - 99 mailboxes => 2,00€/month

> 100 mailboxes => 1,50€/month

One mailbox is already free inside.

If you like to buy subscription licenses, please contact me with your subscription-ID which you can find from EWS => Licenses => Subscription

3. Enterprise license

If you need more then 100 licenses it's the best choice to use the enterprise license with does not count the mailboxes. This type can be used as multi tenant as well. Please contact me by mail if you need such a license.


License per mailbox

99,-€ to 48,-€

(<= 49 licenses) volume discount prices


50 mailboxes

license for 50 mailboxes


>= 50 mailboxes




3,50€ / month

terminable at any time

on request

Enterprise license

no borders

on request


on request